How to download Instagram videos


  1. Go to the Instagram  post you want to save.
  2. Click the three dots in the upper-right corner.
  3. Click copy link.
  4. Open a free tool to download Instagram videos.
  5. Paste the link.
  6. Download your video.


Downloadgram : The best site to download Instagram Video & Photos online & Download videos

Record videos and photos from Instagram with Downloadgram

Instagram has become the most popular social network in the world for media sharing. The platform is now the go-to app for fun HD photos and videos, the latest celebrity news, to see how popular brands’ products work, and more. When you browse social media and find a photo or video you want to save on Instagram, you will probably want to save it for later viewing – with almost 100 million new posts a day, the one you want to view from your calendar.

In case you were looking for an instagram multiple photo downloader for PC or Mac or an Android application (Google Play application) and an iPhone application. Unfortunately, Instagram has implemented privacy policies that prevent you from downloading images or videos from their platform – too bad! Fortunately, we are here to tell you that there is an alternative solution. In fact, there is not just one alternative. We are here to present our alternative – Downloadgram.

This tool works quickly and is effective. You are not bombarded with surveys and you should never pay us to use our tool. Downloadgram offers you the possibility to download an instagram photo and download an instagram video – directly to your computer, tablet or even your smartphone.

With the Downloadgram Web app, any multimedia file – be it a photo or a video – on the Instagram platform is as simple as copying, pasting and getting the video. Our tool has several names: Downloadgram instadown, instasaver, instavideo, instasave, insta save, backup video, instagetter instagrabber for downloading

How to download an Instagram video on PC or Mobile (android, Iphone)

Hardware failures are not uncommon – and when you have no backups of your precious photos, they may go away forever. If, however, you’re like millions of other people and frequently upload your latest plans to your account, then you’re in luck! When you visit your own profile, you will notice that, as with other accounts, you cannot upload any of the photos.

No matter how much you try to right click on your computer or long press on your smartphone – the context menu will not allow you to upload a photo from this platform. With Downloadgram, everything changes. If you’ve lost some of your precious snaps, but have them on your account, you can easily use the Downloadgram web app for those photos and, once again, find a local copy of your memories.

The web app allows you to quickly and easily back up all of your lost photos to virtually any device connected to the Internet. To get started, you’ll need to open the photo you want to upload. You will need to find the URL that points to the message you created when you posted the photo on the platform.

Once you have the URL, copy it – go to the Downloadgram web app, paste the URL and click the “Download” button. The photo will appear on your screen, allowing you to save the photo as you usually do on platforms that allow downloading of images.

How to save Instagram photos to PC and computer

Most websites allow you to upload photos from your personal computer or from a laptop with an operating system such as Microsoft Windows or MacOS, but this is not about Instagram.

When you right-click an image while browsing your Instagram feed, the “Save Image As” option does not appear. If you click on the “Save target as” option, you can save an HTML file instead of an image. If you want to download images from Instagram to your computer’s local hard drive, you will need to use an external third-party application to help you. Fortunately, Downloadgram is useful.

With Downloadgram, you can easily start saving photos – whether photos or photos from your own account to an account you follow – without having to face a context menu that doesn’t allow you to save the image . To use Downloadgram, simply visit insta on your computer’s web browser and navigate to the photo you want to upload.

Click on the images, then copy the URL of the images, which you can find in the address bar of your web browser. Now go to the Downloadgram web app and paste the URL – click “Download”, then save the images displayed on your screen.


How much does it cost? Nothing! download instagram video online Free!

There are some tools that help you save Instagram photos and videos for a fee – in some cases, you will have to pay for them in full, while in other cases, you should help these platforms earn money. money by filling out surveys, completing offers or downloading mobile apps.

If you’re looking for a truly free photo and video downloader that will give you exactly what you need without the hassle, Downloadgram is the tool for you. Downloadgram is free – just open our home page on your mobile or desktop Internet browser, enter the URL or message from which you want to receive multimedia files, then click the “Download” button.

This is really all it takes. We won’t ask you to complete a survey before you can use our service, and you don’t need to pay like cash to use our Instagram video on the MP3 Downloader – no matter how many times you want to download photos or teach you how to take videos from this social media platform. Our tools also act as a profile picture downloader

How to Download Instagram User Photos

When it comes to downloading photos from Instagram, it’s likely that you don’t just want to download your own photos and images. There are millions of accounts – and many of them share useful images with their subscribers. Sometimes informative, sometimes funny and sometimes shocking – you can download the photo and keep it on any of your devices.

Perhaps the image made you think of someone and you want to show it to them. Or, maybe you want to bring the photo the next time you and your friends start telling jokes. This is yet another area where our Downloadgram web app is a great addition to your bookmark list.

With the custom Downloadgram app, accessible from any web browser, you not only have the option of uploading photos that you have already published, but you can also upload images from other accounts – perhaps a photo of a cute kitten, the latest trend, or maybe just an inspirational quote you’d like to keep somewhere.

The process works the same way to save a user’s photos from the platform. Just visit the photo link, copy the URL and paste it into the Downloadgram app – click the “Download” button and follow the instructions to download the images you want to save to your PC or smartphone.

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How to Download Instagram Videos to PC

Although it is often easy to save photos from websites that allow it (by simply right-clicking on the images and then clicking “Save Image As”), saving videos is not as easy simple.

With videos, a third-party downloader is usually required because videos are usually embedded in a web page.

This process is often complicated, especially when you are trying to download a video from Instagram. Most video downloaders and browser extensions generally fail to detect videos being played from this platform. Fortunately, Downloadgram can be a useful tool.   To download a video, first open it on the platform.

Copy the URL of the published video, then paste the URL in the appropriate input area of the Downloadgram platform. Click the “Down” button – no further steps are necessary, as the application will automatically recover the video and start the download for you.

Instagram Story Downloader

How to save someone’s Instagram story? Insta is a platform where millions of stories are shared – you can find stories from all genres here. Whether you’re looking for a cute story or you want to laugh, Instagram has it all. Downloading some of these stories to your PC is a great way to have them on hand when you want to show them to someone or just laugh about them later.

Story Saver for Instagram with Downloadgram is really quick and easy, also called Insta Story Saver. All you have to do is visit the account from which you want to download the video and then click on the video that you want to save to your computer. Once the video is open in your web browser, copy the link to the story from your address bar and paste it into the Downloadgram app.

After clicking the “D” button, the video will be extracted from the photo guru and the download will start automatically – once the download is complete, simply open it to play it locally on your computer, even if you are not logged in . on the Internet.

Download Instagram Videos on iPhone

Instagram offers a handy app for the Apple iPhone that lets you browse your feed and see the latest videos uploaded by celebrities and everyone you follow on the platform. Unfortunately, you are not allowed (or even able) to save these files directly to your iPhone so that you can watch them again later.

The Downloadgram platform is one of the very few apps that lets you download video from Instagram to your iPhone. It’s also incredibly easy to do – and it only takes a few steps. Open the insta app and navigate to the video you want to download to your iPhone.

Once you have the video in front of you, look for three dots in the upper right corner of the video – tap those dots, then click “Copy Link”. The link will be copied to your clipboard. Then open Safari (or any other web browser you use on your iPhone) and visit the Downloadgram website. In the website input area, keep it pressed for a few seconds, then press “Paste”. You just have to click on the “D Now” button.

How to download Instagram photos and videos on Android

Even though Android is a versatile platform that allows you to do much more than other mobile operating systems, the app still includes security features that prevent you from downloading videos via the official Android mobile app. Downloadgram also makes it easy to save your favorite Instagram videos directly to your Android device.

You can choose to store the files on your internal storage or rather on an SD card installed on the device. The process is also very easy. Start by opening the app and find a video that you want to record on your Android smartphone. Once you’ve found a video, click on the three dots above the files (right), then click the “Copy Link” button.

Now open your favorite mobile browser on the Android smartphone. Visit the Downloadgram website and paste the URL – click the “Download Now” button to download the video.

How to get photos from Instagram (save images)

While downloading your own videos from Instagram is a great way to recover lost files that could have been damaged or lost when your device suffered a hardware failure, you can sometimes download a video from an account which does not belong to you.

Maybe one of your friends sent a funny story, or your favorite celebrity shared an interview that you’d like to watch later. This is not a problem for the Downloadgram web application – you do not need to access the account from which you want to download, but rather the link to the publication they published.

Visit Instagram on your cellphone or computer, find the video and copy its URL – then just paste the URL into the Downloadgram app and click the “Download” button.