Can you see who voted on your twitter poll

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What are some questions to ask?

What are some questions to ask?
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Break the ice and get to know people better by choosing a few of these introductory questions.

  • Who is your hero?
  • If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
  • What are you most afraid of?
  • What are your favorite family vacations?
  • What would you change in yourself if you could?
  • What is really upsetting you?

How do you ask anonymous questions on Twitter?

How do you ask anonymous questions on Twitter?
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By logging into your Twitter account via the Curious Cat website (, you have the option to anonymously or publicly ask someone questions that this person can answer. You can also “confess” something through Curious Cat by posting as your Twitter account or as an anonymous user.

How to ask a question anonymously?

What’s a good anonymous question app? ASKfm is the # 1 social network question and answer that helps you find out more about your friends, classmates and people around you. Follow your friends and discover their secrets anonymously. Ask them! ANONYMITY: discover the secrets of your friends, classmates and those around you.

How do you go Anonymous on Instagram?

To do this, select the question sticker for your Instagram story and write “Ask @ (your username) anonymous question” in the “Ask me a question” section of the space. Some users enlarge the question box by adding a box of the same color behind the question box.

Can you go to Instagram Anonymous? Plus, if you’re careful, you can browse anonymously without anyone noticing – you just can’t for Instagram Stories. … For 48 hours, an Instagram user can see if a family member, ex-lover or sworn enemy is sneaking afar on their fleeting photos and videos.

What are the 4 types of questions?

There are four types of questions in English: general questions or yes / no questions, special questions with the words “wh”, choice questions, and disjunctive or tag / tail questions.

What is a Level 4 question? Level 4 questions require students to provide support or evidence for their work. They can ask students to identify sources that support their work. … By answering Level 4 questions, students may even find errors in assumptions, principles or generalizations that they previously thought were true.

Are twitter polls a good idea?

Twitter polls are a great opportunity to get to know your customers. By learning about the life of most of your engaging customers, you can tailor your services and products to their needs.

Are Twitter Polls Good? Using Twitter surveys can help you keep track of what matters most to your business. It’s also a great way to generate engagement, arouse organic excitement, and have constant conversation with your audience.

Can Twitter followers see poll votes? The votes are private – both interviewers and interviewees will not know who voted. Only one vote per tweep. Tweets can reply, share, retweet, and like polls just like any other tweet.

Who is your hero examples?

“My heroes are paramedics and health workers. I really admire their dedication to helping others. My mother is another of my characters and she taught me the importance of showing compassion and doing everything possible to help those in need.

How do you interview the hero? When choosing your everyday hero, you can consider the following: What are his / her achievements? Does the person have a good moral reputation? What did he do to contribute to society? Is your role model focused on helping others?

Who do you consider to be your hero? Veronique of Lachute. A hero is someone who helps people, saves their lives, and risks their lives for someone else’s life. The protagonist can also be someone brave, he cares for someone, he loves someone. Example: like Superman, Spiderman, Incredible etc.

What is a good question?

A good question is framed in clear, easily understandable language, without any ambiguity. Students should understand what is expected of a question, even if they do not know the answer. … ”the same question becomes clear and concrete.

What is the strong question? Strong: questions that help the other person come to their own conclusions or engage in activities. For example: “What do you think is your strongest option right now?” Or “How would you rate your team’s performance?