How to delete a comment on instagram

How do you edit the caption, location, and tags on an Instagram post? In the top right, tap the three dots. Look for Edit in the menu. Edit your caption, tags, alt text, or location by tapping each.

How do you permanently delete Instagram messages?

How do you permanently delete Instagram messages?
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To delete an entire conversation:

  • Tap the inbox button in the top right corner of your home screen.
  • Select the conversation that you want to delete. Drag it to the left.
  • Tap on Delete.

Are Instagram Messages Deleted Forever? Instagram has a feature like WhatsApp that allows users to delete the messages they have sent. Instagram doesn’t actually delete the messages that you “haven’t sent” from its database. Instagram informs users that the unsent messages are not actually deleted.

How to Permanently Delete Instagram Messages on iPhone?

What happens when you delete a comment on YouTube?

What happens when you delete a comment on YouTube?
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You’ll see Delete if you remove your own comment from a video, or Remove if you remove someone else’s comment from your own video. This will remove the comment on the desktop. On mobile devices, you will need to tap DELETE or REMOVE again when prompted.

What happens when you delete a comment on YouTube? Yes, all replies in the comment will also be deleted if you delete your comment.

If you delete a comment on YouTube, can the person still see it? No. If you ask if the comment will be deleted from your notifications in your phone’s notifications then no. Maybe in the YouTube notification but I doubt it as a channel can delete a video but it still shows up in the notifications.

How do you delete Instagram photos without deleting them?

Go to your profile and open the photo or photos you want to hide. Tap the button with the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen. Choose Archive from the list of available options. Your post will be removed from your Instagram feed.

How to Temporarily Delete Instagram Posts? So instead of deleting your embarrassing posts that you don’t want people to see anymore while leaving other posts publicly visible, you can hide those posts simply by clicking the archive option on the photo post menu.

What happens when you delete a post on Instagram?

When you delete a photo or video from your feed, it’s gone forever, as are any likes or comments received. There’s no bringing back an Instagram post after it’s deleted.

Is it bad to delete posts on Instagram? Deleting your content does not affect the work of the Instagram algorithm. We do not recommend deleting any content posted on your profile. … This is why it is so important to keep your Instagram account on a regular basis. The algorithm just waits for your next activity.

What happens if I delete a post on Instagram? If you delete a post, it will be completely removed from the app and cannot be restored. Even if all the likes and comments on a post are gone, it is still possible to find an old photo or video on your iPhone.

Will followers be notified if I delete a post on Instagram? The person won’t be notified that you’ve removed them as a follower. Previously, there was no easy way to remove a follower after users with personal accounts approved a follower without blocking it.

What happens when you restrict a comment on Instagram?

As soon as “Restrict” is activated, comments on your posts from someone you have restricted are only visible to that person. … In other words, you can close down any commenter you choose without that person even realizing it, which means they can keep thinking that they are reaching you and your followers, but they won’t be.

What does it mean to restrict a comment? Restrict Accounts is one such option that allows you to restrict what people can post on your profile. – Users have control over whether others can see comments on their posts. Your chat will move to your message requests so they won’t see when you read it.

What does it mean to restrict a comment on Instagram? Restrict: The effect on comments. If you block someone, you won’t be able to comment on their posts. But if you narrow them down, you can both comment on each other’s posts. The difference is that the comments of the person you restricted are only visible to that person and not to anyone else.

How do you delete a picture from Instagram message?

To delete pictures, just use the menu on the picture page or swipe out of the direct feed and hit the delete button. It’s that simple. I tested the feature with both an Android and Apple device and it works extremely quickly because the image is on Instagram’s servers.

Can you delete a sent picture? Step 1: Tap the message icon. … Step 4: Tap the circle to the left of the picture so that it is activated (as in the image below), then tap the trash can icon in the lower left corner of the screen. Step 5: Tap the Delete Message button to confirm that you want to delete it.

How to Delete Instagram Messages on Both Sides? Just press and hold your message and tap Send. This will delete a message from both sides so that the person you are sending it to can no longer see it. That’s it! The message is deleted from both sides.

How do I stop sending a picture message? Long press the message you want to remove. You will get both a standard emoji reply window at the top of this message and three options at the bottom of the screen: copy, remove, and forward. If you select the Remove option, you will then see two options: “Remove for All” and “Remove for You”.