How to delete a facebook post

Go to Settings and Privacy, select Privacy in the left pane and click Restrict previous posts. This option automatically hides all your public posts from public and sets them to friends only.

How do I delete an updated cover photo on Facebook?

How do I delete an updated cover photo on Facebook?
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Removing a Facebook cover photo is easy:

  • On your profile page, click your cover photo (the big one behind your profile photo). If you want to change the cover photo but don’t want to delete it, go to your profile page and click Edit cover photo. …
  • Click on the 3-dot menu next to your name.
  • Select Remove Photo.

How do I remove an updated cover photo? Tap on the top-right corner of Facebook, then tap your name. Scroll down to the entry and tap in the upper right corner. Select Hide from Profile or Delete Post. Delete Post: Completely deletes the post from Facebook.

Can you delete old Facebook cover photos? Just open the “Cover Photos” / “Profile Photo” album. After opening the album, you will see all photos in the grid view. Now right-click on the photo you want to delete and then select Open link in new tab from the menu. Then scroll down and you will find the “Delete This Photo” link. Click on it to remove the photo from this album.

How do you mass delete Facebook posts?

How do you mass delete Facebook posts?
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To start erasing, go to the Facebook account that has the posts you want to delete. Click on your profile picture and go to Manage Posts. Once you see your posts, you can click Select All and start mass deletion.

How can I delete all my Facebook posts at once?

Does deleting a Facebook post delete the comments?

1 What gets erased. Deleting an account removes all Facebook content, including comments added to your own or other posts. Facebook says that once your account is deleted, you can’t recover anything you’ve added, and that no user will be able to access any data you’ve added to the site …

Does deleting a Facebook post also delete comments? When you deactivate your account, Facebook will delete your timeline and related information. This means that comments you’ve added to your own posts will disappear, but comments you’ve added to other people’s posts will remain visible.

Does deleting a Facebook post delete it everywhere? But when something gets “deleted,” what happens? When a user deletes something, Facebook is able to ensure that users don’t see a deleted post, but that doesn’t mean Facebook will completely destroy all traces of that post or that Facebook can’t recover it.

What happens when you delete a Facebook post? When you delete something you shared on Facebook, it will be permanently deleted from your Facebook account. It has been removed from our servers and backup systems, so we cannot recover this deleted content.

How do you delete a post on Facebook from Iphone?

Swipe left to scroll through the icons until you see “Activity Log”; and then touch it. The activity log displays all your Facebook activity, including your posts. Tap the circle to the right of the entry, then tap “Delete”. If you click “Hide in timeline”, you will hide it instead of deleting it.

Why can’t I delete a Facebook post? You can delete any Facebook post you created yourself. You can easily delete a post by selecting “Delete” from the three-dot menu in the Facebook app or in your web browser. You can hide posts created by other people so they don’t appear in your Facebook feed, but you can’t delete them.

How do I delete a Facebook post? Go to the post in your page’s timeline. Tap on the top right corner. Tap Delete Post, then tap Delete.

How can you tell if someone has hidden you on Facebook?

Scroll the wall posts in the center of the screen. If all your posts are from someone else and yours is missing, it means that he has been hiding your posts.

Do you see who you are not following on Facebook? Step 1: Tap on the three horizontal lines at the bottom right corner of the screen. Step 2: Tap “Settings”. Step 3: Tap on “Feed Preferences”. Step 4: Tap “Reconnect with people you are not following”. This will display a list of every friend, page, and group that are currently set to “unobserved”.

How do you see who I have stopped following? Instagram, like most social media apps, doesn’t give you details about who unfollowed you. You can install a free app like FollowMeter on your iPhone or Android to automatically find out who is following you and stopping you.

What does hiding a post do?

Clicking the “Hide in Timeline” or “Hide in Page” button removes the selected story, photo or update from view immediately. However, using the hide feature does not completely remove the item; hidden history will continue to show up elsewhere on Facebook, including news feeds and search results.

Does hiding a Facebook post delete it? When you hide a post, it will be removed from your Site, but not from your Site’s activity log. Your Site activity log is only visible to people with a role on your Site.

What does hiding a Facebook post do? When you hide a photo or post tagged with you in your timeline, visitors to your timeline won’t be able to see it. However, the photo or post will still be visible to recipients that have been shared elsewhere on Facebook, such as your news feed or search engine.

How long does it take FB to remove a post?

How it’s working. If your photo, video or post is removed due to a violation of Facebook policies, you’ll see a “Request review” option. Appeals will be led by “community action”; team within 24 hours. If Facebook determines that it made a mistake in deleting content, it will be restored.

How many reports does it take for a post to be deleted? Reports will only be considered if approved by the Instagram team. Accounts posting vulgar, offensive, anti-social, or other content are more likely to be removed in 3 to 4 reports.

How long does it take for Facebook to respond to a report? Support inbox While replies can take up to 24-48 hours, it’s still a good idea to be able to send them a direct message.

Can you delete a post someone put on your wall?

You can’t delete a Facebook post posted by someone else. If a post contains threats, harassment, or otherwise appears to violate Facebook’s policies, you can report it to Facebook.

Will anyone know if I have deleted the post on their wall? Bottom line: Your friend will never see the message you posted, but may realize that you posted something and then deleted it – IF Facebook was already open in her browser or Facebook app when the post was deleted.

How do I delete an entry on my wall? Delete a post from your Facebook wall Just click on the dots in the top right corner and select Delete.

Can I delete a post that someone has placed on my timeline? Find the post you want to delete and tap on the three dots in the upper right corner of the post. 4. Touch “Delete”. Facebook will ask you to confirm that you really want to do this – tap “Delete Post” to confirm.