How to delete an instagram comment

The truth is, you can’t directly hide Instagram activities or hide posts on Instagram. Your posts, likes, and comments will be visible to your followers no matter what you do. You can delete them or change your profile settings to reduce your visibility online.

What happens when you delete a post on Instagram?

What happens when you delete a post on Instagram?
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When you delete a photo or video from the feed, it is gone forever, as are all the likes or comments it has received. Deleted posts on Instagram cannot be returned.

Do followers receive a notification when I delete a post on Instagram? The person will not be notified that you have removed them as a companion. Previously, once users with a private account approved a tracker, they could not be easily removed without blocking them.

What happens if I delete a post on Instagram? If you delete a post, it is completely removed from the app and cannot be restored. Even though all the likes and comments on the post have disappeared, an old photo or video can still be found on your iPhone.

Does deleting old Instagram posts hurt you?

Does deleting old Instagram posts hurt you?
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Instagram wants you to use hashtags, and when you delete your old posts, you delete all your old hashtags, and if your content appeared in those old ones, they are technically still there, so they HELP you, they don’t hurt you.

Is it better to delete or archive posts on Instagram? The Instagram archive can help you with this. Simply archive the previous post and post the new one with the same visual content. Deleting the previous post would remove all activity data and comments, so archiving is a better option in this case.

Should I archive old posts on Instagram? You will almost always want to archive them. The reason is that when you delete a post on Instagram, you lose all important post information and that post or these metrics cannot be restored. When you archive a post on Instagram, it’s not only hidden from the public, but you also keep your data.

Can you delete Instagram comments?

On the Comments Summary page, find your comment and swipe left to reveal the red trash can icon. Touch the red trash can icon to delete the comment.

. How to hide someone’s comments on your Instagram without knowing

  • Hold the comment and press “Restrict” with Instagram permission. …
  • Make sure you want to limit your account. With the permission of Instagram. …
  • Click “OK” to limit the account and hide the comment. With the permission of Instagram. …
  • Double check that they are limited.

Can you hide Instagram comments?

Instagram app for Android and iPhone: Touch Privacy and then Hidden words. Under Hide offensive content, you can: Tap next to Hide comments to turn it off.

How do you see hidden comments on Instagram? Users must now click the “View Hidden Comments” button to reveal the negative comment that was captured. Instagram has also changed its comment alert feature.

Can you hide someone’s comments on Instagram? Tap the person icon in the lower right corner of the page to scroll to your profile. Press the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of the page. Go to Settings> Privacy> Comments. Press the Hide offensive comments switch.

How do you delete a reaction on Instagram?

How do you change your quick response on Instagram? To change the emoji reaction, touch and hold the emoji to enter the customization mode. At the bottom you will see all the available emojis. Browse or find a specific emoji and tap it to add it to the quick response menu. You can then select another emoji and repeat this process.

How do you delete quick reactions on Instagram? To do this, go to your account settings and look for “Story” in the “Privacy” section. In the popup window, find the “Allow responses and reactions” section and select “Off”.

Can I edit my comment in Instagram?

You can’t edit a comment on Instagram, but you can simply delete the comment and post it again – here’s how. You cannot edit a comment on Instagram, you can simply delete it and post a new one.

Why can’t I delete my comment on Instagram? If you are constantly receiving an error message that a comment cannot be deleted, it may be because the comment has already been deleted in our system. The comment may still appear because you are viewing an old version of the page. We are aware of this problem and are working to correct it.

Why can’t I edit my comment on Instagram? Once a comment is posted, you can’t actually edit it. However, you can delete it and rewrite / republish the comment. When you click on one of your Instagram posts, a photo and all comments will open on the new screen. If you scroll to the bottom of the comments, there is a comment button.

Can I edit an Instagram photo after posting?

Unfortunately, no. Once you submit a post, there is no option to add or remove an image or video. Instead, you will need to delete the entire post and republish it.

Can you crop an image on Instagram after posting? Tap Edit, then tap Customize. Touch the screen and press to enlarge the image. Then move the photo and adjust how it fits the frame.

Can you delete one image from several on Instagram after posting? All you have to do is follow these steps: Tap the post you want to delete on your Instagram profile. Then tap the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the post. Select the Delete option.

What happens if you edit an Instagram caption?

Every time you edit your post on Instagram (after you post it), Instagram resets your ranking. All likes & amp; comments you have received by then will be reset and will no longer count. … you’re basically telling Instagram to ignore all likes & amp; comments you have received so far.

Why can’t I delete my Instagram post? Instead, you need to remove images with the Instagram app on your iOS or Android device via Android or iOS. Select the appropriate image in your album, touch the “…” button and then press “Delete” to confirm. If an error occurs while trying to remove the photo, try installing or updating the application again.

Do you need to delete one Instagram post? Not surprisingly, the Instagram app doesn’t allow you to delete more than one post at a time. In addition, you can only delete your posts using the mobile app, not your web browser. … Log in to your Instagram account on your smartphone. Find the post you want to delete.