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Answered Originally: Did Facebook remove the ability to create surveys? From this thread it appears that as of May 25, 2019, Facebook has removed the ability to create surveys from the home page. Here is another support wall where no one can find the option to do a survey.

What happened to Facebook polls?

What happened to Facebook polls?
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Why did Facebook remove the election? Facebook did not remove the feature completely, but temporarily for an update on the feature. To see also : How to youtube edit.

You can create a Facebook survey to ask a question, customize the answers, and let people vote for their favorite option. … However, you can also create a survey in a Facebook group or in a story. Keep in mind that you will need to be an administrator or editor to create a survey on a Facebook Page.

Once (until 2016), people were able to create a survey on Messenger and ask different questions by providing several options to choose from. But, they removed this feature, because it would slow down the loading process, but people voted to get the elections back!

Why Did the Messenger Remove the Elections? Facebook launched the first survey in Messenger back in 2016, but was recently removed as part of Facebook’s ‘Lightspeed’ refreshing the Messenger app, which tried to simplify its operations and state the presentation. … We also added Polls to the Desktop Messenger app, available for both Mac and Windows users. & Quot;

How do I create a survey on Facebook Timeline 2021 ?.

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How do I create a poll on Facebook Timeline 2020?

How do I create a poll on Facebook Timeline 2020?
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Here’s how to do a Facebook Event survey: See the article : How to edit youtube videos.

  • On the Event page of Facebook select Create Poll in the post box just below the Event description.
  • Important! …
  • Fill out a question or offer to vote. …
  • Suggest variants to vote for your subscribers.
  • Use an Add option link to add as many options as needed.

Go to your business Facebook Page and click on the post window to expand it and see the different post types. Choose Poll and write down your questions and answers. Next, set how long you want to vote. Then, share it.