How to edit instagram comment

Delete someone else’s comment on one of your posts: Select three dots next to the comment & gt; Clearing. Edit comment: Select three dots next to the comment & gt; Prepare. You cannot edit someone else’s comment.

Can you post a picture on Instagram without someone seeing it?

Can you post a picture on Instagram without someone seeing it?
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Instagram Announces Mute Feature So You Can Hide Posts Without Following People. … Math die will be in the ellipsis menu at the top right of each post, and you can select & quot; Mute Posts & quot; that & quot; Publish Posts and Articles, & quot; to also prevent account information from appearing at the top of the Instagram app.

Can you add photos to Instagram without sharing? If you like to look at the Instagram collection but would not post pictures of the world every time you take a photo, there is a real (half-old) technique that you can use to save the photos without sharing them (for owners use the iPhone, at the very least): all you have to do is turn on Mode Jir œ Airplane Mode.â €

Can you post on Instagram without anyone seeing it? Select the post and click on the three dots Select œ œâ € ¦â €: Select â œ haPage on Profileâ €: Your Instagram message will reappear where it is in your feed, before you hide it. It will not appear at the beginning of your meal, as a new message will do.

How do I edit my comment on Instagram 2021?

How do I edit my comment on Instagram 2021?
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How do you correct mistakes on Instagram? How to Edit a Copy Post on Instagram

  • Open Instagram.
  • Draw a picture with a typographical error.
  • Click â € omCommentâ €.
  • Swipe it up with a copy of the original letter (red trash can and arrow should appear).
  • Click the red trash to delete a copy.
  • Be sure to delete.

Can you edit Instagram text after posting? How Do You Edit Your Headline, Place, Bookmark A Post On Instagram? Tap three dots in the top right. Find Edit in the menu. Edit your title, bookmarks, Alt Text or location by clicking each.

How do I edit my comment on Instagram 2019?

From your post, scroll down to the end of the comment, and click the three button. Select “Edit” from the open menu and edit your text as required. Save the changes by clicking the check mark. Your comment has now been updated!

How do I delete a comment I made on Instagram? On the Summary tab, find your comment and scroll left, highlighting the red trash can. Tap the red trash button to delete your comment.

Why can’t I delete my comment on Instagram? If you continue to receive an error message that cannot be deleted comment, it may be because the comment has already been deleted in our system. The comment may still appear because you are viewing an old version of the site. We are aware of this issue and are working to fix it.

How do I change my comment settings on Instagram? Step 1 – Tap the image in the right corner of your screen. Step 2: Move the gear icon near the top right corner of the screen. Step 3 – Scroll down and tap “Comments” under the heading “etSettings”. Step 4 – Tap â € œEveryoneâ € next to â € BReport Report From. € €

Does deleting a comment delete replies Instagram?

When you delete a comment, it deletes all the responses to that comment.

Can you reply to YouTube commentary? Go to Comment History. Click or tap the video link. Next to a comment on YouTube, select More. Select Edit or Delete.

Does Deleting a YouTube Comment Delete Everyone? All data you have ever deleted is deleted. Unlike other changes, this deletion is permanent. It’s enough to hide your channel for a few minutes. When you restart it, all your old data will be erased.

Should I delete spam comments on Instagram?

To fight spam Instagram hashtags some extra, some less expensive. However their methods are useless and vain attempts and more and more nonsense and spam accounts flood into the service. … Nonsense can and should be erased and spies can be blocked.

Are nonsense hurting Instagram? Do not comment As I mentioned commenting is the biggest problem of Instagram when it comes to spam on the platform. While selfishness is used as a means of gaining more control over the account, it is not harmful to anyone. Anyway, Instagram is very dynamic with a lot of comments you leave on posts in a very short time.

Why am I getting so many nonsense on Instagram? receive nonsense Instagram comments for any kind of collaboration or popularity or to boost followers. Spammers always come up with new strategies and content with emojis to target users on Instagram by commenting on their data. Also, spammers use different tools to create spam and post under images.

Can you hide a comment on Instagram?

Instagram app for Android and iPhone: Tap Privacy, then click Hide Passwords. Below ideoye Content is offensive, you can: Move closer to ideoye Ideas to turn it off.

What happens when you hide a comment on Instagram? What happens when you hide an Instagram comment? When someone you summarize left a comment on your post, you will only be seen by the one who left the comment. … If you click on a comment, you can read it and then choose whether it will be displayed in the Instagram feed.

Do people know if you are hiding their comments on Instagram? Note: When a comment is hidden on Instagram, the user who made that comment is not notified. You can also go by turning off comments on your messages. When you block comment, any comments on your current post will be hidden.