How to find twitter lists

If you deleted a lot of tweets because you wanted to start over on Twitter, read on how to delete multiple tweets. Tweets older than one week may not appear in the Timeline or Search due to indexing capacity limitations. Old tweets are never lost, but cannot always be viewed.

What happens if I follow a Twitter list?

What happens if I follow a Twitter list?
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If someone is following you: They will appear on your follower list. Your tweets will see in their timeline when they log into Twitter. You can start a private conversation with them.

Should I use Twitter lists? Why Twitter Lists Are Amazing Twitter lists are really useful when you follow a lot of people. … Plus, Twitter lists are great for learning about what’s going on in your industry. You can easily create lists of relevant topics you want to learn about or experts you want to learn from.

Is following for following allowed on Twitter? Are there any other policies that apply to Behavior Tracking? Yes. Twitter’s policies prohibit the abuse of following, and violating them may result in your account being suspended.

How do you search Twitter lists?

To search for Twitter lists, you need to use the search bar which is available in the upper right corner of the Twitter home page. For a more detailed explanation of how to use Twitter Search Tools, click here. Enter the subject of the list you are looking for or the type of people you want to find in the list.

Can you search the Twitter feed? Want to look for an old tweet or find a specific tweet? Discover exactly what you are looking for in the search engine. Advanced search is available after logging in to Lets you tailor your search results to specific date ranges, people, and more.

How do I search for old tweets? Log in to your Twitter account and go to the Twitter Advanced Search page.

  • Under the “People” heading, enter your username (without the “@”) in the “From these accounts” field:
  • In the “Dates” section, select the start and end dates for your search:
  • Click “Search” and Twitter should list the best tweets from this period:

Can people see what you view on Twitter?

Simply do not. It is not possible for a Twitter user to know exactly who is viewing their Twitter or specific tweets; there is no Twitter search for this sort of thing. The only way to be sure if someone has seen your Twitter page or posts is to engage directly – reply, favorite, or retweet.

Can your Twitter followers see your comments? The “Protect my Tweets” option is located on the Account page of the Settings screen, and when you turn this feature on, only specially approved followers will be able to see all of your updates (including any replies you send).

What can others see on my Twitter? The only information any Twitter user can see about you and your posts is from a retweet, favorites, or replies. However, a Twitter user may know about his / her analysis, such as how many people saw your tweet after visiting the Twitter Analytics page.

Are Twitter lists gone?

“There is currently a bug with Twitter lists for iOS, but people should still see their lists on,” said a Twitter spokesman for VentureBeat in an email. …

Does deactivating Twitter delete lists? Your account will also be removed from the lists. Users can’t interact with you on Twitter, and you won’t see notifications if they tag your old username. While most of your account information should be deleted within minutes, the information is still visible for days after your account is deactivated.

Why can’t I find my Twitter lists? If you are unable to view the recently created list, try refreshing the page or clearing your browser’s cache. This will download any new lists you’ve created so that you can view them on your profile.

Where did my Twitter lists go? Go to your profile page. Click or tap the Lists tab. You’ll see lists you’ve created and lists of other people you’re following on the Follow tab.

Can you sort your Twitter feed?

Unlike your home feed, Twitter lists aren’t affected by Twitter’s weird and sometimes frustrating algorithms, so everything is displayed in reverse chronological order. Plain and simple. … Twitter lets you create up to 1,000 lists, so you can really go crazy. However, if you’re just getting started, start with one simple list.

How to get Twitter to display tweets in sequence? If you want to return your timeline to chronological view, please go to the “Settings & Privacy” page, which you can access by clicking on your Twitter avatar. From there, scroll down to the “Show your best tweets first” option. You want to make sure this option is unchecked.

How to get to the top of twitter? In both Android and iOS, there is a one-tap shortcut to scroll up as shown in this video. For Android, just tap the timeline icons / mentions / etc. For iOS, just tap the clock icon.

How do I sort my new Twitter feed?

Can Twitter followers see your searches?

The most visible area where others can see what you are looking for on Twitter is your advertiser. … However, if your account is public, anyone with access to Twitter can read all of your tweets and posts. If a user searches for specific hashtags related to your tweet, Twitter will also show your tweet to the follower.

Can my followers see my Twitter activity? If your Tweets are protected, only your followers will be able to see your media in your Tweets. Please note that your followers can download or re-share links to media that you share in protected tweets. Links to the media shared on Twitter are not protected. Anyone with the link will be able to view the content.

What do my Twitter followers see? Followers are people who receive your tweets. If someone is following you: They will appear on your follower list. Your tweets will see in their timeline when they log into Twitter.

Why have I been added to a Twitter list?

Experienced Twitter users create a wide variety of lists to help them navigate the channel more efficiently, so if you are added to the lists it means that the people you interact with on Twitter are using the platform in a smart way.

What’s the point of a Twitter letter? A Twitter list is basically a curated group of Twitter users that allows you to effectively organize your users into different groups and manage your tweets better. You can subscribe to a list created by another user, or ideally create your own.

How do you know you’re on Twitter? How to see your Twitter lists, subscribe to a list, or remove yourself from a list. You can see your Twitter lists by going to the “Lists” tab and selecting “Lists You’re On” from the three-dot menu to see the lists you are on.