How to get youtube premium for free

Listen to the music on YouTube with the screen only By switching to the first time, the video will be interrupted with no serious interruptions, you can continue reading via the tape available under the notification bar. A high-definition logo also indicates when the video is being read.

Comment Ecouter une chanson sur YouTube ?

Comment Ecouter une chanson sur YouTube ?
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It is enough to download the Android notification bar and apply it again on the reading button. From now on, you will be able to continue listening to music on the backplane while opening other applications or even when the screen is on.

How do I upload my playlist to YouTube ?. In YouTube Analytics, the Audience outlet allows you to know who the viewers are who are watching your videos and keeping track of their demographic data.

YouTube Music is a free application that allows you to easily access all the clips posted on YouTube. … It’s with the YouTube Music Premium subscription at 9.99 euros per month (14.99 euros per month for the family version up to 6 members) that the service takes all its meaning.

To view the set of your playlists, access the Library library. You can also create your playlists in YouTube Studio. Whether a video or a channel is defined as child protection, you can not add it to a playlist from a homepage.

In the YouTube Music application, support the title you want to listen to. On screen, you can choose between audio and video modes. Apply on Video to activate video mode or Audio if you only want to listen to the album version of the title.

Quel est le prix de YouTube Premium ?

Quel est le prix de YouTube Premium ?
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A free bypass Lastly, we found a bypass solution to have the Picture in Picture mode on Android, without having to spend a cent! It is a solution for using a VPN!

The first choice to make is access to the YouTube Premium Web site. Now go to “Free Trial”. A floating window will open in which you will see that you can enjoy 1 month totally FREE of all the benefits of YouTube Premium.

Why are the videos being blocked on YouTube ?. It can be a connection problem. Verify that you can always access other Web sites normally. They use Google Apps to use a domain so I can activate the YouTube Administrator for the Vote Domain Administrator. … Your network administrator or your FAI can block access to YouTube.

How to do it on YouTube ?. To connect to YouTube, you need to create a Google Account. With a Google Account, you can access many YouTube features, most notably the & quot; I like & quot; subscriptions, watching videos later and the history of watched videos.

Nom du forfait Price / month
YouTube Premium Student € 6.99
YouTube Premium € 11.99
YouTube Premium Family (5 Members) € 17.99

YouTube Premium

  • Open the YouTube application on your phone or tablet.
  • Log in to your Google account where you would like to associate your subscription.
  • Select your profile photo.
  • If you are eligible, start your free trial. Sinon, subscribe to Subscribe to YouTube Premium.

What is the YouTube choir subscription ?. YouTube Music Premium is the least expensive subscription offered by YouTube, at 9.99 euros per month per user or 14.99 euros per month for a family up to 6 Members.

Comment avoir YouTube Music gratuitement ?

Comment avoir YouTube Music gratuitement ?
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How to unblock YouTube ?. Use a VPN to access YouTube when it’s blocked The use of a VPN, also called virtual private network, is the simplest and most secure way to unblock YouTube.

What is the benefit of subscribing to YouTube ?. Thanks to YouTube Premium, you can watch millions of videos without ads (and including superimposed video ads) being aired before and during reading. In addition, no such ad appears in the banners or in the search results.

Please note that you will not be required to make any deductions for the purposes of this test if you wish to make a stop: the payments are then automatically granted. To redeem, it suffices to render on its subscriptions page by clicking on this link. Then select “cancel subscription”.

Comment on YouTube Music Premium ?. The Youtube Music platform is no exception to the rules and is available on tablets and smartphones Apple or Android. A Youtube Music app is available for free download on the App Store or Google Play Store, and allows you, once installed, to sign up for your subscription wherever you go.

Commenting on an album about YouTube Music ?. Launch the Play Store application and support the Music category. Browse the Owls Genres, Selection, Best Albums, Top Titles by moving the right and left screens. Select the title or album you would like to purchase.

Comment avoir YouTube Premium gratuit 2021 ?

Comment avoir YouTube Premium gratuit 2021 ?
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Why YouTube becomes Bezueler ?. YouTube has generalized advertising on videos, and garner l’argent des petites chaînes. The general monetization of videos on YouTube is in progress. Or almost. The platform modifies its terms of use to authorize the dissemination of advertisements and safeguard revenue in certain cases.

The first choice to make is access to the YouTube Premium Web site. Now go to “Free Trial”.