How to get youtube premium for free

Using a VPN to access YouTube while it is blocked Using a VPN, also called a virtual private network, is the simplest and most secure way to disrupt YouTube.

Comment faire pour débloquer une vidéo sur YouTube ?

Comment faire pour débloquer une vidéo sur YouTube ?
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How to watch videos over 18 on YouTube ?. If you’ve already saved an entry, Google will automatically collect age information from your account, but if you haven’t saved an entry, YouTube will ask you to save an entry to confirm your age. is that then that you will be able to watch this video.

Now, an even simpler solution is at your fingertips. Available for free on the Chrome Web Store, the Google Chrome extension “F * ck YouTube” allows you to play all YouTube videos by bypassing geographical restrictions.

Why is my video crashing ?. Sometimes you don’t have the right type of codecs on your PC. Therefore, the media player may cause the video to jam. Blocking video files is also due to incorrect conversion. In this case, the video file may be damaged and blocked during playback.

In most cases, blocking YouTube on Firefox on Chrome occurs when we upload too many videos. First, close all unwanted tabs in your browser and make sure the video is not too heavy.

Why is YouTube banned for at least 13 years ?. According to these associations, Google collects the personal information of minors on YouTube, although this site is officially prohibited for less than 13 years, in particular on its location, the device used for the connector, or by phone numbers. portable.

Comment contourner YouTube ?

Comment contourner YouTube ?
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Exceeding age restrictions However, it is possible to exceed this limit by changing the URL of the video. Just add the prefix “gen” before youtube to the URL. The page will automatically be redirected to a third-party service that can play YouTube content without restriction.

How to watch a video on YouTube ?. Watch a video in Picture-in-Picture on Google Chrome To do this, it’s pretty simple: Go to YouTube and open a video: On the video, double-click with the right mouse button to access the menu Google Chrome context; Select the “Picture-in-Picture” option.

How to prove his age on YouTube ?. In the coming months, YouTube may ask you for a copy of your ID card or provide you with a valid credit card information to ensure that you are 18 years old to watch this or that video. subject to an age limit.

How to get around the age limit ?. Method 1: Bypass the age limit via NSFW YouTube To do this, simply insert the word nsfw just before youtube into the URL. You are directed directly to the NSFW YouTube site and you can directly launch your video without reminders.

IOS applications

  • At the top right, click on your profile photo.
  • Apply on Parameters.
  • Apply Filtration in restricted mode.
  • Enable or disable restricted mode: Do not filter: restricted mode disabled Strict: restricted mode enabled

Watching blocked Youtube videos with a VPN The most reliable and effective way to bypass the regional filter is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service. The latter allows you to browse the web as if you were based in another country.

Select YouTube. Scroll down, then select Settings. Select Restricted Mode or Safe Mode. Select On or Off.

Check if your content is subject to an age limit On the YouTube Studio Videos page, you can check if your content is subject to an age limit by using the “Age limit” filter or by referring to it. “Restrictions” column, in which the mention “Age limit” is displayed if applicable.

Comment avoir YouTube musique ?

Comment avoir YouTube musique ?
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Why YouTube Premium ?. A YouTube Premium subscription allows users to watch videos on YouTube without advertising on the website and its mobile applications such as YouTube Music, YouTube Gaming and YouTube Kids.

How about the YouTube Premium contourner ?. A free contour Recently, we found a contour solution in order to have the Picture in Picture mode on Android, without having to pay a dime! And the solution will be in the use of a VPN!

Comment on an album on YouTube Music ?. Launch the Play Store app and tap on the Music category. Browse the Genres, Selection, Top Albums, Top Tracks tabs by moving the screens from left to right. Select the title or album you want to purchase.

Once installed (or opened) Youtube Music will ask you to log in. Nothing could be simpler for Google Account holders, just use your username and password. If you do not have a Google Account, you can create one for free.

Pourquoi YouTube Premium ?

Pourquoi YouTube Premium ?
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Is it paid to subscribe ?. Subscribing to his YouTube channel is the best way to not miss any posts from your favorite videographers. This process, in addition to being very simple and unlimited (you can subscribe to as many YouTube channels as you want), is totally free.

YouTube Premium is a paid subscription that allows you to enhance your experience on YouTube and other related applications. It is available in a large number of countries / regions.

With YouTube Premium, you can count millions of videos without ads (and include overlapping video ads) being streamed before and during playback. In addition, no third-party ads appear in banners or search results.

How does the payer’s child connect to YouTube ?. In the YouTube app, click on your profile picture, then on the Paid Subscriptions. Click on your subscription. Update your payment and subscription preferences.

YouTube has announced its intention to set up a paid option, allowing ads to be removed. … This percentage would be the same as that of advertising revenue sharing. YouTube’s competitors have long adopted the “freemium” model, such as Spotify or Deezer.

However, be careful not to forget to cancel at the end of this trial if you want to stop: payments are then withdrawn automatically. To cancel, just go to its subscriptions page by clicking on this link. Then select “unsubscribe”.

What are the differences between YouTube Music and YouTube Premium? In France, YouTube Music / Premium comes in three offerings: free YouTube Music, which includes a music catalog with limited and pub features; YouTube Music Premium at € 9.99 / month, with the same pub-free music catalog and more features; YouTube Premium at € 11.99 per month, with …