How to post multiple photos on instagram

Navigate to the folder that contains the photos you want to upload and double-click the photos. It will start to load into the app. This is how you can upload additional photos. Repeat clicking the file upload icon again, navigate to the folder containing other images, and double click.

How do you make a post on Instagram with multiple pictures?

How do you make a post on Instagram with multiple pictures?
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How to share multiple photos in an Instagram post

  • From the home screen, press the icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Touch the first image you want to add.
  • Tap the Select Multiple icon at the bottom right of the image.
  • Touch the additional images you want to add and touch an image again to deselect it.

How do you post multiple photos on Instagram 2021? Tap “New Post” in the right corner of your screen when on Instagram. Select ‘Story’ and tap on the photo icon at the bottom of the screen. Choose ‘Select Multiple’ above your photo gallery. Select the photos you want to add in the order you want them to appear in your Instagram Stories.

How do you post multiple pictures on Instagram on safari?

Launch Instagram and tap the More icon at the bottom of the screen, then choose Library. At the bottom of the image preview area, you will see a new option: Select Multiple. Touch it and it will turn blue; Now you can upload photos to Instagram to post together. Once you have selected the images and videos, tap Next.

How do I upload multiple photos to Instagram from my Mac? Click on the Instagram icon on the left sidebar and click on the Post option. Click Add Account to allow Greatly Social access to your Instagram so that you can schedule the post with this platform. Select Carousel to add multiple photos.

How do you post photos on Instagram from Safari? Open Instagram in Safari. From the top menu, go to Develop> User Agent> Safari> iPhone iOS 11.3 (or the current version of iOS). Your Instagram will now display exactly as it does on your iPhone, and you can click the upload icon to post photos as usual.

Why can’t I post multiple photos on Instagram iPhone?

There are a number of things that could go wrong when uploading multiple photos to Instagram. Whether it’s a bug in the latest app update, an unreliable internet connection, or issues with the app on your particular device, any number of things could be the reason for multiple photos not getting published.

Why doesn’t Instagram allow me to post multiple images? Users just need to press the photo and hold an image or video that they want to select. They will then see that the option to select multiple photos has reappeared, or at least the user will be able to select multiple photos.

How do I post on Instagram from my iPhone 12?

Can you upload pictures to Instagram without posting?

If you have photos that you are not interested in posting to your feed, you can share them with a few with Direct. This feature allows you to share the photo with up to 15 people, and they can comment on the photo as usual. Items shared in this way will not appear in search and can be deleted.

Can you take photos on Instagram without posting them? You took a photo and enhanced it with one of the Instagram filters. However, you don’t want to post it on your feed. You can keep your filtered photo without publishing it with the help of your phone’s airplane mode. … Then turn on airplane mode, reopen Instagram and hit Share.

How do you steal a photo on Instagram? Launch the app, activate the “FastSave Service” function and tap “Open Instagram”. Touch the icon on the image you want to download (three vertical dots). Choose the “Copy link” option to download the image to your device. View downloaded images in your gallery or within the FastSave app for Instagram.

Why does Instagram shut down when I try to post multiple photos?

If Instagram crashes when you try to upload a photo, check your phone’s storage space. This Instagram crash problem can often occur due to low memory issues. Apps running in the background can also consume a lot of your phone’s memory and can cause this problem.

How many photos does Instagram allow you to post at the same time? Instagram allows you to upload up to 10 photos and videos in a single post. Here’s a step-by-step guide you can follow to upload and share more than one photo or video in a single Instagram post.