How to reset iphone and restore

How do I factory reset my iPhone without password or iTunes?

How do I factory reset my iPhone without password or iTunes?
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Solution 2. Factory reset iPhone without passcode and iTunes via iCloud See the article : How to iphone 11.

  • Visit on your computer.
  • Sign in with the same Apple ID that you used on your locked iPhone.
  • From the main page of, choose “Settings”.
  • Choose “Restore”.
  • Choose the last backup you made and click “Restore”.
  • Open from a browser.

How do I restore my disabled iPhone to factory settings without iTunes? Go to on a computer or other device> Sign in to your iCloud account (Apple ID). Step 2. Click “Find iPhone”> Click “All Devices” option> Select the device that has been disabled> Click “Erase iPhone”. Then your device will be reset to factory settings and all data will be deleted.

Can you reset an iPhone to factory settings without a computer? Log in to the Find My iPhone site through iCloud. Enter your Apple ID and password – you don’t need your iPhone password, but you will need to access your Apple account. … Click on “Erase iPhone”, then confirm your decision. You can now access your iPhone, create a new password, and restore your data.

How to factory reset a locked iPhone? Perform a hard reset on your phone by holding down the sleep / wake button and the Home button at the same time. Hold the buttons down until the “Connect to iTunes” screen appears. On your computer, choose “Restore” from the iTunes screen. This will delete all data from your phone.

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Can you remove activation lock without previous owner?

Can you remove activation lock without previous owner?
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If your device’s activation is locked, it just means your or someone else’s iCloud account is still linked to the factory-wiped iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. See the article : How to iphone restore. The official way to remove this barrier is to provide the password to the linked iCloud account without which no one can access the device.

Can you remotely remove Activation Lock? Remove Activation Lock from Android devices Sign in to your Google Account. Once logged in, click on the Security tab. Then scroll down to “Your devices”. … Click on the 3-dot drop-down list on the device you want to remove from your account, then click “Logout”.

Can Apple remove Activation Lock without proof of purchase? Apple will only unlock an activation-locked device for the original owner, not a subsequent owner, even if they have a purchase document. So I’m sorry to say that in the situation you describe, you will never be using the phone.

Is erase all content and settings the same as factory reset?

Is erase all content and settings the same as factory reset?
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Answer: A: Resetting all settings and clearing all content and settings does different things. Resetting all settings removes things like your Wifi password and the settings you made on your iPad for apps, messaging, etc. This may interest you : How much iphone 11 pro max. Erasing all content and settings restores a device to its ready-to-use state when it is first powered on.

Is wiping iPhone the same as factory reset? 1 answer. As long as you follow the steps provided by Apple to erase your iOS device, all data on the device will be erased. A simple “reset” of the device is not the same as “erasing all contents and settings”.

Is it safe to erase all content and settings from iPhone? All data on an iOS device is encrypted using strong encryption by default. The keys used to encrypt and decrypt our data are stored on the devices. When you choose “Erase all content and settings”, the device “erases” the keys. Your data is therefore still there, but no one can read it anymore.

What happens if I erase all content and settings? Performing a factory reset will PERMANENTLY DELETE ALL your custom data and settings, and also remove any installed apps. Performing a factory reset will NOT delete data and files stored on your device’s microSD card.

Does resetting your iPhone get rid of hackers?

Does resetting your iPhone get rid of hackers?
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With such a powerful tool at their disposal, Marczak said restarting your phone would do little to stop determined hackers. Once you’ve restarted, they might just send out another zero-click. Read also : How to erase iphone. “It’s kind of a different model, it’s re-infection persistence,” he said.

Can restarting your phone get rid of hackers? Restarting phones regularly will not stop the army of cybercriminals or spy companies that have wreaked havoc and doubt on the ability to keep information safe and private in our digital lives. But it can make even the most sophisticated hackers work harder to maintain access and steal data from a phone.

Does Factory Reset Eliminate Hackers? A simple answer anyone would give is “factory reset”. Well, although you have to do it, simply resetting the phone will not guarantee that your data is completely erased. … A smartphone can be easily unformatted and the data can be recovered using third party recovery software.

What will happen if I remove an iPhone from my account?

What will happen if I remove an iPhone from my account?
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If you’re no longer using an iOS device, Mac, or Apple TV, you can remove it from your account by following the steps below. On the same subject : How many iphone x are there. When you remove a device configured to use Apple Pay, Apple Pay is disabled for the device and your cards are removed from the device, even if the device is offline.

Do I have to remove the old iPhone from the account? Your Apple devices use iCloud to stay backed up and synced. If you no longer use a device, however, you must remove it from your iCloud account. If you’ve acquired an Apple device that’s still signed in to someone else’s iCloud account, contact the previous owner and ask them to remove it using

What is the purpose of removing a device from Apple ID? If you set up two-factor authentication for your Apple ID, deleting a device will ensure that it will no longer be able to display verification codes. It also won’t have access to iCloud and other Apple services, including Find My, until you sign in again with two-factor authentication.

What is a master reset on iPhone?

Things to Consider Before Resetting Your iPhone Hard reset means deleting everything on your iPhone. Performing a hard reset erases all data on your device. Read also : How to get iphone for free. On the flip side, a soft reset is all about turning off your phone and restarting it.

Does a master reset delete everything? When you do a factory reset on your Android device, all data on your device is erased. It is similar to the concept of formatting a computer’s hard drive, which removes all pointers to your data, so that the computer no longer knows where the data is stored.

What is the master reset used for? A hard reset, also known as a factory reset or master reset, is restoring a device to the state it was in when it left the factory. All settings, applications and data added by the user are deleted.

What Happens When You Reset Your iPhone? Resetting your iPhone will delete your apps, contacts, photos, favorite settings, and other information stored on your phone so the new owner can start over.

When you restore your phone does it delete everything?

Important: A factory reset erases all of your data from your phone. If you are performing a reset to resolve an issue, we recommend that you try other solutions first. On the same subject : How to iphone screen record. Find out how to fix Android issues. To restore your data after resetting your phone, you need to enter the security information.

Does restoring iPhone delete all data? “Restore iPhone to Factory Settings” will erase all data and settings on your phone and restore it to original settings, which will keep the latest iOS and Apple apps by default. … The contents of the backup will replace all current data.

Will I lose everything on my phone if I restore it? A factory data reset erases your data from the phone. Although data stored in your Google Account can be restored, all apps and their data will be uninstalled. To be ready to restore your data, make sure it’s in your Google Account. Find out how to back up your data.

What happens to your phone when you restore it? Your device restarts, all existing data is erased, and it is reset to factory condition. Once your device is ready, tap the home screen and connect to your Wi-Fi network. On the next screen, you should be asked if you want to copy your accounts, apps, and data from from another device.