How to reset your ipad

So lost / stolen iphones / ipad cannot be used. Anyone can delete your device by restoring it in iTunes.

Can you factory reset a stolen iPad?

Can you factory reset a stolen iPad?
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How do I wipe my iPad without the password?

For users who forget their Apple ID password, is it possible to wipe an iPad without remembering an Apple ID password? The answer is YES! You can make your iPad run into DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode and use iTunes to factory reset.

When you need to unlock a found or stolen iPad, you need to remove a screen lock and iCloud lock without the original password. To do that, you can rely on the professional code-passing software, iOS Unlocker. It has the ability to easily wipe the screen lock on a stolen iPad.

Can a stolen iPhone be unlocked ?. Your iPhone can be locked if stolen or lost. You can head over to the iCloud website after discovering your phone is missing. You can then mark your phone as lost on the website and Apple will lock the phone for you. Even if you don’t, your phone will be locked when someone tries to turn it off.

How do you hard reset iPad 4 ?. If a power cycle does not resolve your issue, you may need a hard reset. To do so, press and hold the Sleep / Wake up and Home button until the Apple logo appears and the iPad resets.

Hold the Home and Side / Lock buttons at the same time until the Recovery Mode screen appears. iPad without Home Button. Press the Volume Up button and then the Volume Down button, then hold the Top / Lock button until the Recovery Mode screen appears.

How do you unlock an iPad Without the passcode without iTunes?

How do you unlock an iPad Without the passcode without iTunes?
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2 Unlock iPad without Computer via iCloud (Password Required)

  • Visit the official iCloud website (, from a friend’s device or any other smartphones.
  • Login with your Apple ID and Password.
  • Find & tap & quot; Find My iPhone & quot;.
  • Choose your iPad model from & quot; All devices & quot;.
  • Tap & quot; Delete iPad & quot; and click & quot; Delete & quot; to confirm.

Apple’s iCloud service is another effective way to remove your iPad postcode without a computer. It requires you to connect your iPad to your iCloud account and enable “Find My iPad” via With this method, you can unlock your iPad remotely without having to sit at your computer.

How do I unlock my iPad without connecting to the Internet? Enable the iOS device into Recovery Mode: hold the Home and Power buttons for five seconds, then continue holding Home after it restarts. You should get an ‘Contact iTunes’ message on the screen. Connect the iPad to your computer. It will now recover, good as new.

How many times can I try an iPad passcode ?. If you enter the wrong passcode six times in a row, you’ll be locked out of your device, and you’ll receive a message saying iPad is disabled. If you can’t remember your passcode, you can delete your iPad with a computer or recovery mode, then set a new postcode.

How do you unlock a disabled iPad permanently?

If you are permanently locked out of an iPhone, the only way to access your Locked iPhone is to remove its Lock Screen Password by deleting all data on your device. If no backup is available, you will need to install your device As a New iPhone and start from scratch. …

Hold the home button and the power button until the iPhone or iPad shows recovery mode screen. ITunes will send a popup notification on your computer, select “Restore.” Set up your device as a replacement and, if you have a backup, select it during the setup process.

To unlock an iPad if you forgot the password or it is disabled, you can restore it with iTunes. You can also unlock your iPad by doing a system recovery using the Find My iPhone app. You will need an updated iPad backup to get your data back once you restore and unlock it.

How do I reset my iPad without a computer? If you can now open your iPad, you can delete all your data and return it to its factory default settings without connecting it to a computer. Make sure your iPad is charged, or connected to a power source. Open Settings; select General and then select Reset. Select Delete All Content and Settings.

How do you unlock a disabled iPad without a computer ?. There is no way to enable a disabled iPad without a computer. If you can use an internet enabled device from a friend or family member and can access it is possible to remotely delete your device by following the instructions below.

How do I reset my iPad to factory settings without the passcode?

How do I reset my iPad to factory settings without the passcode?
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If you forgot your postcode, you’ll need to reset the iPad by either logging in to or connecting it to a computer with iTunes. If you have access to the iPad via Touch ID or Face ID (which expires), make sure you backup and reinstall your device.

Can I replace an iPad I found ?. You can put your iOS device in recovery mode, then restore it using iTunes. You may need to use recovery mode to restore your device in these cases: iTunes does not recognize your device or say it is in recovery mode. You see the Apple logo on the screen for several minutes with no progress bar.

How do you replace a stolen iPad ?. Power off a stolen iPad, hold power and the home button at the same time, when the recovery mode logo appears on an iPad, connect an iPad to the computer, and launch iTunes on that computer, click on Restore button to try to recover stolen iPad, if stolen stolen iPad goes into activation lock, turn to part 2 to unlock stolen iPad …