What does /j mean on twitter

The definition of sassy is someone or something that is lively, bold, and a little feisty. An example of a sassy is a smart, smart girl.

How do you simplify a ratio?

How do you simplify a ratio?
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How to simplify the ratio A: B when A and B are integers?

  • List the factors A.
  • List the factors B.
  • Find greatest common divisor of A and B, GCF (A, B)
  • Divide A and B by GCF.
  • Use the results of integers to rewrite the ratio in its simplest form.

Why are you simplifying the ratio? Multiple ratios can be written in smaller numbers. This is called writing the coefficients in its simplest form or simplifying the coefficients. Simplifying the proportions makes it easier to work with them. … As the two examples below show, you simplify the ratios by dividing the number on each side by their greatest common divisor.

How to simplify the indicators on the calculator?

What does AU stand for on Tik Tok?

What does AU stand for on Tik Tok?
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“Gold” is the most common definition of AU on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. AU. Definition: Gold.

What does it mean on TikTok? The abbreviation “OF” is used a lot in TikTok, and many users have been curious about what it means. It appears that “OF” stands for OnlyFans and is used by TikTok users who wish to reference the subscription service without actually specifying it.

What does sh mean for TikTok? “Sh” is commonly used as an abbreviation for self-harm in an application. The “sh” tag has over 1.1 billion views and is full of users – mostly young women and girls – sharing their struggles and personal experiences with self-harm.

What is the abbreviation of TikTok? It came out international in 2017 as TikTok; the name is clearly a game of tic-tock, an onomatopoeia for clocks, and a term for countdown and action minute by minute.

Do followers matter on Twitter?

More followers not only mean more impact on your industry, it also signals that your audience, prospects, and customers are interested in your content. According to social media statistics, nearly half of all marketers list Twitter as their primary network for engaging with customers.

Why do you need 100 Twitter followers? Having 100 real followers means every article on your blog guarantees 100 tweets. The fact that a hundred people posted your article on Twitter gives you tons of credibility in the eyes of other visitors. … Each article on their blog will receive 1,000 tweets within 10 minutes of posting.

Are 3,000 Twitter followers good? Samir Mezrahi, who runs social media for BuzzFeed, wrote in late 2012 that the target number of followers should be 3,000. “Overall, when you hit 3,000, you are almost guaranteed to get some kind of response to all your tweets.

What does OG stand for in text?

O.G. or original gangster or real OG or triple OG [oh-jee] or [uh-rij-uh-nl gang-ster]

What does OG mean on social media? OG stands for “Original Gangster” and “Original” when used in the context of social media.

What does OG stand for in text? According to the most popular definition of the Urban Dictionary, OG stands for “Original Gangster”, which the term originally meant. Since then, however, it has also been used simply to signify that something or someone is “original”.

What does OG mean in OG games? they said it used to mean Original Gamer.

Why do people use J?

In fact, J is meant to be a smiley face. This is because the letter J represents the smiley face icon in the Wingdings font. Microsoft Outlook, a popular email client, automatically converts text emoticons 🙂 and 🙂 to smiley icons using the Wingdings font.

Pourquoi on dit le jour J? The expression jour J is un générique qui designe le premier jour d’une opération militaire. I y a eu de nombreux jours J au cours de la Seconde Guerre mondiale, mais les débarquements en Normandie ont revêtu une telle que le sens de cette expression reste attaché à cette opération en particulier.

C’est quoi j 1? Le visa J-1 (Exchange Visitor Program) a été creé en 1961. Il autorise les jeunes à decouvrir professionnellement le pays de l’oncle Sam. Si vous êtes étudiant ou jeune diplômé, vous êtes très probablement éligible pour faire un stage aux Etats-Unis.

What does G mean?

What does this mean for someone G? It really means “gangsta”, but it has taken on the general meaning of an admirable person, ie with all the qualities of “gangster” in the communities from which such slang comes.

What is slang G for? short for “gangster” or “gangsta”. Used to greet a friend or colleague. See also slang word “b”.

What’s up G Meaning? Meaning: It is a greeting that basically means what is happening, what is happening. Meaning: Originally this is hip-hop slang which means “gangster” but has become more common. It still has an urban, hip-hop vibe. So “What’s up G?” is a greeting with a very urban, hip-hop vibe.

What does J mean in discord?

In fact, it’s quite simple: / J means “joke” while / HJ means “half-joke”. It seems the acronym for JK’s millennium – meaning “just kidding” – was unable to do so.

What does AM from discord mean? After setting your server to Community, the Affiliate Program tab should appear. The AM / PM system actually has a specific abbreviation for noon – just the letter “M”, short for “meridiem” that comes after “12” and only refers to noon.

What does P mean in disagreement? The term / P is a tone indicator that means “platonic.” This is just a way of explaining that you are not flirting or maintaining your sexuality when texting. It is added to the end of the message after traditional punctuation.

What does the TikTok ratio mean?

What are intercourse requests? Rate requests happen when people ask you to receive the same number of likes and comments on TikTok. Someone may comment “1: 1 me ratio”. This means if a video has 100 likes, they also want 100 likes in their comment.

What does the indicator comment mean? Twitter says a tweet is “proportional” when it receives more tweets with quotes or retweets than replies or likes. … So if a video has exactly 5,234 likes, someone commenting on “Me Ratio 1: 1” hopes that their comment will also receive exactly 5,234 likes.

What is TikTok’s good display ratio? Likes don’t really matter – but the 1: 5 likes-to-watch ratio almost never disappoints. So naturally about half of the movies you see in For You use some trick to re-watch them. Here are some things you can try: Do something physically intense and unexpected in a movie.